Frequently Asked Questions - and their answers

Where is it from?

All of our Laguna lace agate comes straight from our mine in Chihuahua, Mexico

Why do you call it Laguna lace?

Our material has many beautiful crazy lace patterns with the types of fortifications often found in Laguna agate. Laguna + Crazy Lace = Laguna Lace. See our about Laguna Lace page for more info.

Does the rough rock have cracks and fractures?

Not normally- we don't blast, it's mined with our excavator, most fractures are healed.

Is this a new find?

No, it was commercially mined by hand on the surface 20 years ago or so, when only smaller quantities were brought out. Now we are able to offer larger quantities.

What quality is the mine run?

Our mine run is a high grade material. It represent only about 50% of our production. Lesser quality and smalls suitable only for tumbling are sorted out and sold as second quality.

Where is Laguna Lace warehoused?

Our warehouse is located in Kent, Washington in the U.S. There is good transportation from this point by trucking companies and we provide flat rate postal shipments for up to 30 to 40 pound orders. All common shipping methods are available.

What if I only want a few pounds?

For smaller orders, please contact your favorite rock shop or supply house. If it's not in stock, please ask them to obtain it for you. We are wholesale only with minimum requirements.

I need tonnage, how much do you have?

Laguna Lace is in limited supply, large orders may be available, please contact us for availability.

Can I see it in person?

Please see our show schedule for the shows and dates we'll be appearing at.

If you are going to be in the Kent, WA area, drop us a line in advance to arrange a visit.

About how big are the pieces?

As small as 1 pound and as large as 100 pounds plus.

My question isn't answered! How do I get ahold of you?

See our contact page and you'll be in touch with us in no time!